The Directors of Planet Platinum Limited are:


  • John Trimble (Chairman / CEO)

  • John Callanan

  • Nick Pitliangas

Their friendship and long term understanding of the business ensures a sound yet innovative management structure – and one that should prove rewarding for the industry and shareholders alike.

The resumés below provide details of the experience and qualifications of the Directors.

John Dennis Trimble

Holder of a current Victorian Liquor Licence.
D.O.B. 14 September 1946
EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS: Completed Year 11, Fairfield High, Sydney.
Pilots Licence – single pilot endorsement for jets (one of three such licences in Australia).
Numerous military courses including parachuting, small craft operation, demolitions, roping/rappelling, unarmed combat and diving.

Work History:

1965 Executive trainee cadetship – Castrol, Sydney.
1966 Full-time studies at Sydney Technical College.
Part-time direct sales representative – Carrigans.
1968-1973 Sales Manager – Carrigans, Wollongong.

Established the importing and direct sales company Smarttime Pty Ltd, with three colleagues from Carrigans. Product lines included sheets, towels, cutlery, china and similar items. By the early seventies, Smarttime was employing 450 sales representatives around Australia.

1969 Owner West Ride Motorcycle Sydney.
As founder of Australia’s first motorcycle rider training school, John lobbied to make training for motorcycle riders a mandatory condition of licensing. Twenty years later, many of the changes that John lobbied for have passed into law in most Australian states.

1973 Joined Army Reserve – First Commando Company.
John remained part of the Army Reserve until 1983.

1974 John continued to be involved in his various businesses and in the Army Reserve until he sold his business interests and began to prepare for SAS selection. Requested to look at a Melbourne business problem by two of his former Smarttime employees, John transferred to 2 Commando Company in Melbourne and began to re-organise the ailing massage parlour ‘Le Chateau’.

John set to work to get Le Chateau running properly, and began to introduce sound business practices. Within a short period of time John was able to turn the business around and change its name to the ‘Daily Planet’.

1979 After photos and a story about the ‘Daily Planet’ were featured in the July 1979 edition of Playboy, the business improved dramatically.

1979-1991 John continued to personally manage the ‘Daily Planet’ on a day-to-day basis until 1991, when he put a Manager in place, and pursued other interests, including property development and a charter boat operation, which he ran through his company Metropolis City Promotions Pty Ltd including property development and a charter boat operation, which he ran through his company Metropolis City Promotions Pty Ltd.

1988 John purchased a farm on King Island for breeding fine wool merinos.

1991-1993 In addition to his business interests, John took up motor racing on a part-time basis to publicise his business interests. After deciding that he wanted to race at Bathurst in 1992, he purchased an HQ Holden, drove six races to qualify for his international licence and then went straight to Bathurst, where he was placed 10th outright.

1995 Founded Metropolis City Aviation, a jet aircraft charter company operating out of Coolangatta Airport.

1994-2000 Full time motor racing, the team won the Sandown 500 and the Bathurst Privateer class.
After racing full time for six years, John decided to retire after a horrific smash at the Phillip Island circuit. He still owns and operates a motor racing workshop in Queensland.

2002 John currently breeds fine wool merinos at his farm in King Island and lives in Melbourne with his two sons. John maintains a keen interest in his business ventures and is involved in the daily running of them.

Past And Present Company Directorships:

Smarttime Pty Ltd (past)
Planet Platinum Limited (present)
Metropolis City Pty Ltd (present)
Cameron Lane Pty Ltd (present)
Clover Dale Pty Ltd (present)

John Callanan

Holder of a current Victorian Liquor Licence.

Mr Callanan brings to the company a wealth of public service through his serving on the City of St Kilda Council, both as Mayor (2 terms) and Trustee of the St Kilda Memorial Hall; as well as executive service as Founder Secretary of the Australian Association of Special Education.
Most recently and currently, Mr Callanan is the Executive Officer of the Association of Retired Special Educators.

Nick Pitliangas

Holder of a current Victorian Liquor Licence.

Nick brings with him more than 27 years of professional hospitality management experience, including the management of corporate bars, nightclubs, live music/comedy and food driven venues.   He has vast experience in venue and function management, including staff and the general public.   Nick also has a consistent, verifiable record of achievement in his field which is evidenced by his compliance with all relevant liquor licensing and council by-law regulations.

Work History:

1984-1987    Trainee Manager, promoted to Assistant Manager – Prince Patrick Hotel, Collingwood.

1988-2000   Assistant Manager, promoted to General Manager – Melbourne Metro Nightclub, Melbourne CBD.

2000-2008  General Manager – Velour Bar, Melbourne.

2008- 2011   Owner/Manager – Hotel Kew.